The trailer for “A Most Violent Year,” a Valencia-filtered introduction to the tense crime-drama, leaves the viewer longing for more. Set in 1981, statistically one of the most violent years in New York City history, the drama-thriller follows the dealings of businessman Abel Morales, (Oscar Isaac, “Inside Llewyn Davis”) as he successfully tries to expand his Brooklyn-based company.

A Most Violent Year


Violence infiltrates Morales’s idealistic life when his drivers start getting assaulted and deadly threats are made. To combat the brutality, the District Attorney (David Oyelowo, “Selma”) begins to investigate the business, finding more than anyone bargained for. It seems that some of the qualms of the legitimacy of the business come from Morales’s wife, played by Jessica Chastain, (“Interstellar”) who substitutes her signature red locks but maintains a fiery disposition in her desperate protection of her husband, children and reputation.

The trailer builds on the suspicions and tensions off which the talented cast can play. By the end, it is impossible to know where all the scheming and violence are coming from, but the trailer pulls us in enough to make us wonder where it’s going.

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