1. Too Many Cooks

A video created for “Adult Swim” titled “Too Many Cooks” was released in October as a parody of classic sitcoms. It begins by recreating the opening titles of many familiar sitcoms from the ‘80s and ‘90s. However, it doesn’t stop after one cast of characters is introduced, but continues to introduce more, with each set’s introductions growing more ridiculous. The parody consists of many stock characters, including a puppet and a slasher villain, mocking the over-the-top acting that the era is notorious for. Watching the video derail from family-friendly to plain bizarre was like watching a car crash: we couldn’t look away and neither could the rest of the world.

The video went viral and even received a Twitter shout out from Zach Braff (“Scrubs”). It left us with a theme song stuck in our heads, with more questions than answers and a strange feeling of nostalgia.

-Kim Batchelor

2. Jimmy Fallon’s lip sync battle with Emma Stone

The setup of a lip sync battle is simple: there are two competitors, one stage, one mic. In a “Tonight Show” lip sync battle, whoever can upstage Jimmy Fallon is the winner – a feat in and of itself. While promoting “The Amazing Spider Man 2,” Emma Stone was invited to the superhero-sized challenge of battling Fallon off the stage. Fallon stepped to the mic first, breaking out a gyrating version of “Fancy” by Iggy. Stone wasn’t fazed though, and as the determined diva that she is, she ripped out a deadpan rendering of “Hook” by Blues Traveler. In classic Fallon fashion, he retaliated with a hilariously theatrical “Mr. Roboto” by Styx.

But Stone kicked in for the win, syncing “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled, with a performance so head-bangingly intense that her lyrical accuracy was unquestioned. Fallon was brought to his knees in laughter and awe under the power of Emma Stone, as was the rest of the nation.

-Hailey Middlebrook

3. The “Apparently” Kid

Give him a few years and English teachers will be laying into Noah Ritter (i.e. The “Apparently” Kid) for his repetitive lexicon. In 2014, though, 18 million plus viewers became so enamored with the five-year-old that he made the requisite pit stops for all internet sensations: “The Ellen Show” and “The Colbert Report.” Ritter gained viral status when a local news station interviewed him at a county fair – a natural logorrheic, Ritter managed to use the word ‘apparently’ many, many times (probably not worth counting) in a minute-and-a-half clip. His act was equal parts neurotic crank and precocious tot, and it enamored America. Later down the fame road, he even got to chat with Sofia Vergara (“Modern Family”), but declined a kiss from her, no doubt leaving the collective Internet – male and female – scratching its head.

-Catherine Sulpizio

4. The cast of “The Lion King” ’s mile high performance

A video posted to YouTube on April 1st captured the professional cast of “The Lion King” singing “The Circle of Life” on an airplane about to leave Brisbane for Sydney. The pure talent alone is enough to merit a spot on our list – “The Circle of Life” is one of the most difficult songs to pull off a capella, let alone when the singers are sitting squished between other passengers and scattered throughout the plane, making for less than optimal acoustics. But the act is just as fun to watch as it is to listen to – the passenger reactions, finding themselves in the middle of a real life, “Glee”-like occurrence, are hilarious. Some enjoy the impromptu performance, taking their own grainy iPhone videos; others are simply bemused, and the last third of the passengers sit stony-faced and unamused throughout the whole thing – perhaps determined not to let Disney on Broadway’s cast hijack their April Fool’s Day.

-Sophia Kaufman

5. A first kiss

Last fall, WREN and Tatia Pilieva produced a short film for a social experiment that asked 20 strangers to kiss for the first time. Under the lights, before a white backdrop and in front of multiple cameras – the subjects introduced themselves briefly, then gradually moved toward a very intimate act of connection.

Though the couples were quite cognizant of the initial awkwardness, they soon let themselves go – they allowed their innate human vulnerabilities to emerge. Once kissing, it was as if the cameras and production crew disappeared – and the tenderness and passion of human attraction overpowered all else. This was no typical meet-and-greet hook-up, but it showcased a simple, beautiful bond humans may have with any other human.

In addition, the video showcased diversity, a silent commentary on how connection can merge demographic barriers. The experiment included both homo and heterosexual couples, both the young and elderly and various cultural backgrounds. This opened up a fruitful discussion in the comments section, and elucidated differing opinions about the nature of attraction.

-Karen Hua

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