“Begin Again”

Purity Ring

Canadian duo Purity Ring released the single “Begin Again,” in anticipation of their newest album Another Eternity, set to drop in March. The group released “Push Pull” in 2014, then just a hint at their latest project.

“Begin Again” gives fans a much clearer taste of what is to come, as well as showcasing much of what the duo is generally known for. The sound is oddly celestial, building to multiple instrumental breaks with full, pungent sounds – the kind of thing best listened to loudly, in dark, crowded spaces. Layers include ringing bass, sparse piano and crisp down beats throughout the chorus.

The vocals, as always, are haunting and slightly creepy. Megan James’s delivery is calm and delicate, entirely contrasting the more forceful and wobbling beats of the track. Lyrics draw on otherworldly imagery, likening a lover to the moon and its lunar orbit. The track itself seems to be traveling along its own circular path, as it both begins and ends with the same lyrics. This affect is enhanced with astrologically charged lyrics and a round sound, not to mention the title itself.

While the track closely adheres to the standard sounds of Purity Ring, it is neither predictable nor stylistically overdone. The track is dynamic. The layers of sound seem to be in constant motion, making “Begin Again” a strong and seamless addition to Purity Ring’s small but impressive body of work.

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