Bizarre definitely lives up to his name and image in “Juice & Gin,” and not in the same way that the “Justin Bieber” music video was creepy and repugnant, but simply that it’s weird.

‘Juice & Gin’


The video opens with Bizarre angrily playing with a lighter with a crazed expression on his face. There’s plenty of gin to be seen in the background of the studio — in still shots and in Bizarre’s hand. You can always count on Bizarre to appear drugged up.

“Juice & Gin” is also full of eye-catching fashion choices – in one scene, a furry purple bomber hat, no shirt and red gym shorts. In another shot, he’s leaning up against an apartment hallway wall, rocking a t-shirt with “I pop molly, I don’t rock Tom Ford,” in bold, bright letters.

Cinematographically speaking, the video has an overabundance of film burns. I suppose they prove to be smooth, trippy transitions, but the effect is abused. The shots themselves are also headache provoking. The camera deliberately pans back and forth in a swift and shaky manner, out of sync with the slower paced song.

Bizarre adds a little bit of flavor with his expected antics, but in the end, “Juice & Gin,” proves to be an average, low-budget music video.

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