I like your hair
It kinks and curls like something burned
In the tropical fires of ages
It dances in circles
Like lazy days by the river
It sizzles like rage untapped

Your skin is brown
Sapodilla, corn sheaves, earth, shades
Of lions on savannas at sundown
Your eyes, the whites of your eyes
Dance in the beauty of a contrast
Supreme against your skin

Your hands draw
A fine line of separation
Color marks the palm from the back
Soles from your feet, brightly hennaed
Your body is round
Unapologetically colored
Like the beauty of dawn and dusk

What hurts your grace?
Why fall victim to the many lies
That say brown eyes are
Not fairest of them all? Face
In the mirror tell me
With a body so beautiful
Why let the world beat down your soul?

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