The first time I saw my birth certificate it said,

“Statistically Insignificant,”

When I asked the doctor why, he said it was because I had a high likelihood of ending up in a place like the hood, wearing a hoodie, facing a silver cocked barrel,
That is my burial,
He says my mind reacts to irrationality and that I act explosively given a brain incapable of flight

They call that a “land mine,”

Reasons to step over me,
Yes I was born a domestic terrorist, given a knife instead of a brain that is sharp enough to cut into society’s veins,
Yes I am that black sludge bloodshed that shares the complexion of HIV,
Since you do not understand me, you label me a disease,
So you are right Lil Wayne,
You are sick,
Another one of this nation’s many illegitimate children,
Taught young to shoot for the stars only to reach Jim Crow ceilings,
But I guess on the other side of town they taught just to shoot,
Shoot for security,
Shoot for protection,

But now I hear ice cracking ‘cause ice tea doesn’t seem so threatening,
But fuck it,
If we’re going to shoot let’s shoot for skittles too because everyone knows…
The color black will never exist in the rainbow…
No black ain’t beautiful until it’s red,
Rename CNN, “Red is the new Black”
My 15 minutes of fame always seems to end,
Too soon

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