Sanctions on Iraq may have killed as many as 576,000 children, according to a 1995 report by two scientists who surveyed the country for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. They also found sharply rising malnutrition among the young, suggesting that more children will be at risk in the coming years.

Today, with an epidemic of birth defects appearing in many Iraqi cities, the country is still grappling with the aftermath of war-related and sanctions-related public health issues.

Iran is a country of 80 million people. Over 19 million Iranians are under 14 years of age and most vulnerable to the effects of sanctions.

Have we learned anything from the death of half a million Iraqi children? If we have, then the University of Michigan should raise its voice, as it has for other issues, to demand that the U.S. government halt all sanctions on Iran.

Mozhgan Savabieasfahani and Azadeh Shahshahani

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