Charli XCX and Rita Ora take us on a neon-filtered, Thelma and Louise-reminiscent ride in their new video for the UK version of Charli’s “Doing It.”

‘Doing It’

Charli XCX ft. Rita Ora
Asylum Records

We watch these two badass bandits rob a gas station and evade the police while getting chased through the desert in their bright pink monster truck. Along the way, they encounter some nipple tassel-wearing police officers and even enjoy a good, old-fashioned bull ride. Unlike the movie, the video ends on a happier note, with a loosely choreographed dance number featuring Charli in a platinum pink, barely-there cowgirl outfit. The outrageous video pairs well with the lighthearted track, making it an undeniably good time.

“Doing It” originally appeared on Charli’s critically successful 2014 album Sucker. This new version of the track, which includes the seamlessly blended verse from Ora, was released earlier this year and will be featured on the UK version of Sucker, set for release in February.

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