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May 12 Edition:

Finding happiness in lockdown

Pre-pandemic me was fake-smiling her way through life. Controlled by fear of the heavy truths that resided deep within me, I resorted to stuffing my emotions neatly away. My idea was to live a ‘halfway life,’ one where I refused […]

Exploring the song graveyard

Many people have a song or album that they once shared with a significant other, friend or someone in between. Whether it was a Spotify link, a burned CD or a voice memo, that song soon became what they would […]

Graduation Edition:

Another year, another pandemic graduation

I wasn’t surprised when the University of Michigan announced a virtual graduation commencement in February.  How could I be? After over a year of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seemed almost […]


Graduation looms on the horizon. For every college student, the idea of graduating college holds a bittersweet flavor, caught between the satisfaction of accomplishment and the sadness of goodbyes. For some, it holds more of one than the other. It […]

Saying the G word

Walking through the Law Quadrangle and waiting for my photographer, I couldn’t help but notice them: the group of girls doing their graduation photoshoot at the same time, clad in white dresses, caps and gowns. I, too, had purchased a […]

Rewriting college

As someone who was born and raised in Ann Arbor, people always ask me, “Do you regret staying home for college?” Maybe they are shocked that I would elect to live so close to my parents, high school friends or […]

April 14 edition:

Becoming Alice

I like to joke that I-94 and I-80 are my second homes. I’ve spent thousands of miles on them, miles that trade scenery for ease — hop on and drive, no directions needed. The “check engine” light on the dashboard […]

Michigan Missed Connections and the value of virtual interactions

There is a new way University of Michigan students are virtually interacting this semester aside from the relatively new expectations of an online education — the Instagram account Michigan Missed Connections (@michiganmissedconnections). The account posts anonymous stories submitted by students […]

Ann Arbor runs on the arts

Spring finally feels like it has permanently sprung as the sun shines down on a happily busy State Street. Even the deepest crevices of Graffiti Alley on East Liberty feel just a little bit brighter. For the first time in […]

April 7 edition:

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