Sophomore Mira Ruder-Hook and freshman Brienne Minor were in a tight match.

The No. 1 doubles team had traded games back and forth with Notre Dame’s Quinn Gleason and Monica Robinson, and now needed to hold serve, up 5-4, to clinch a victory.

With the game score 40-0 in favor of Michigan, Minor unleashed a serve at her opponent’s backhand. The return landed out, and the duo won their match to secure the doubles point for the Wolverines.

The pair is now 4-0 in dual-matches this year, was ranked for the first time this week at No. 26 and has been crucial to the team’s success in doubles.

When No. 8 Michigan wins the doubles point, it bodes well for its overall success in the match. Following their win against Notre Dame on Sunday, the Wolverines are now 5-0 in dual-match play after winning the doubles point.

Minor and Ruder-Hook have been the most consistent doubles pair for the Wolverines, staying together while coach Ronni Bernstein has switched up the No. 2 and 3 doubles teams recently.

“It’s just clicked from the beginning,” Bernstein said. “They enjoy playing with each other.”

For Minor, playing with Ruder-Hook has been a good experience mentally.

“We know how to calm each other down if we’re nervous or not playing our best,” Minor said. “We started playing regionals at the beginning of the year and (coach) thought we complemented each other really well. We set each other up really well. We stuck with it and had some good results.”

On Sunday, it was clear the two had a lethal on-court connection.

Minor and Ruder-Hook were both active at the net, constantly moving to get in position for volleys.

“It’s hard to get balls by them at the net,” Bernstein said.

The pair also kept the Fighting Irish uncomfortable by returning their serving with several different positions.

And when Michigan was serving, there were several moments during which the Wolverines moved and attacked as if they were one.

“They’re both aggressive,” Bernstein said. “They complement each other. (Minor is) good at the net, moves well and has great groundstrokes, and (Ruder-Hook) comes forward. They’re intimidating when they’re playing well.”

Minor and Ruder-Hook not only get along well on the court, but off it as well.

“I love playing with (Minor),” Ruder-Hook said. “We really like each other as people so I think that helps.”

Added Minor: “We hang out all the time. We both like to eat a lot.”

As Michigan enters the bulk of dual-match play, the continued success of its No. 1 doubles team will go a long way toward helping the team secure more victories.

“That doubles point is big,” Bernstein said. “It’s a lot easier to win three singles matches as opposed to four. We work on it a ton. But to have our top team in the lineup doing so well takes some pressure off the other kids.”

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