Edward meets me at the bus stop on campus with our standard greeting: smiling and clapping his hands slowly, letting out a whooping, “O-K, O-K.” He looks like he always has, wide-eyed and enthusiastic but stifling a perceptible weariness, in a hoodie, skinny jeans and white Vans.


Now I am become

I can feel it rising


The silence is crushing

The destroyer of worlds

Your eyes press against mine


I could find eternity here,
nestled somewhere between the pressed cotton sheets and your warm embrace
My worries and fears miles away —
there is an incomprehensible beauty to the fire that burns from within your crevices, which light you up from the inside


I have wondered about you


Am I the new person drawn toward you?

But before I step further, should I take warning?

For I know —

you may not be what I expect.


The Urge


to tattle on her.

Be too grown up to bother.

Choke on laughter —

let it bust out my eyes.


Glimpse my hair in every mirror.


Not To Be


What's in a name?

Nothing if you can't remember it.



A first date should be:





The only member of my family who ever believed in souls was my aunt. “Bless your soul,” she wrote every year in her sloppy and smudged cursive, directly under the pre-printed birthday message.


When I was in elementary school, my parents used to take me and my sisters trick or treating at the Natural History museum. My mom would dress us up in some last-minute costume so we could hang out with dinosaurs the Sunday before Halloween.


“You need to be more aggressive.”


This September, The Michigan Daily held its Bicentennial reunion weekend. Daily alumni from across the country were invited to return to our beloved newsroom and, among other things, mingle. As many of you know, “mingle” translates into “network” in hyper-competitive college speak.