Dear Michigan Daily Editors,


The summer before my freshman year, I worried about what I was going to do in college. There was so much pressure to grow, to get involved, to build that résumé. One day, I received a copy of The Michigan Daily in the mail. And I thought: Why not?


Who gets to define feminism?

With contemporary feminism going global from its origins as an originally 1960's American movement, the way various groups absorb or reject feminism in their own cultures is an intriguing subject.

East to West

The year was 1960, and tearing through the farmland on his motorcycle was my grandfather Helmut Krenz, age 20. A few hours later, he would be jailed in a cold East German prison cell, imprisoned because he tried to escape his authoritarian government.


In a fit of extreme agitation the night before our first class, I haphazardly threw together another three lesson plans. Anxiety meant that sleep was improbable and creating increasingly incoherent worksheets honestly seemed like the best option.

Modern African American History displays the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC).

A week before Spring Break, one of the editors at Michigan in Color, Na’kia Channey, reached out to me spontaneously.

“Hey. Would you like to come to D.C. with us to photograph?”

“Uh … I guess.”


At first, I thought my illness was the flu or maybe the dreaded norovirus—nothing out of the ordinary for a college student. But I was in for a rude awakening. Little did I know my symptoms were actually the beginning of an entirely new life challenge I was totally unprepared for.


By Chloe

It’s not so surprising that the pale Michigander seeks sunshine and warmth from the dead cold. When winter lasts nine months of the year, we forget what it feels like to wear shorts and have sunscreen slathered in splotches on your face.

An Afternoon Tea

As I pass through the doors of Martha Cook Residence Hall at the University of Michigan, I enter a hallway clad in wooden panels whose austerity of color and design evokes past eras.