It’s a question I’m asked more often than I’d like. Yet every time I’m faced with it, I draw a blank, regurgitating a superficial answer that I’ve perfected over time.

You Can't Bury Canterbury

The recording starts with Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor” on the organ — you’d know it if you heard it — with a minor modulation of pitch, a quiver.

LSA senior DeAnna Jerore

I became a notetaker with Services for Students with Disabilities entirely by accident. One April evening during my freshman year, I was having dinner with my best friend and her friend.


It was the first day of sophomore year, and my biggest concern was whether or not I would get a five on my first AP exam. A few seconds after the bell rang, in came Mr. Delap.


A comic by Managing Design Editor Roseanne Chao.

Cottage Inn on East William.

With the prompt "photograph light," Alec Cohen walked around Ann Arbor at night to capture lights that we normally tend to pass by. There are many "hidden gems" around downtown Ann Arbor that illuminate the street and bring the city to life.



Remote telemetry and graham crackers

Megan Duncan, a cardiology nurse at the University of Michigan Hospital, began filing reports with her superiors detailing concerns with the hospital’s new remote heartbeat monitoring program in Summer 2017. She was met with little-to-no response from the Michigan Medicine administration.


I worked as a software engineer at a startup in Ann Arbor over the summer, and for the first several weeks I was marred with a recognizable inner turmoil. I would get a task, try to do it, eventually stop making progress and then begin to think I was in over my head and bound to fail.


File away those fun facts. Time to forget your “two truths and a lie.” And cherish the fact you won’t have to participate in another team building exercise involving a hula hoop. We have officially survived peak icebreaker period. Breathe.   

President Mark Schlissel's house as seen from South University.

University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel apparently lives in a beautiful white house on South University Avenue and I was going to see it.