When I walk Down the streets of this

College-town I see Hands smashing beer bottles

Friends only of one-another

Screaming chants alien

To my covered ears


The cafe in the basement of Shinola.

Charles Bradley’s “Slow Love” plays on a record through the chatter of coffee shop talk, clicking of keyboards and turning of pages.

Inside the Daily

This week, the Daily took a look inside the State News newsroom, in East Lansing, where student reporters, photographers, and designers worked tirelessly to cover the Larry Nassar trial.


I am devoting my first column after Spring Break to a friend-requested topic: Travel etiquette.

Dear Michigan Daily Editors,


The summer before my freshman year, I worried about what I was going to do in college. There was so much pressure to grow, to get involved, to build that résumé. One day, I received a copy of The Michigan Daily in the mail. And I thought: Why not?


Who gets to define feminism?

With contemporary feminism going global from its origins as an originally 1960's American movement, the way various groups absorb or reject feminism in their own cultures is an intriguing subject.

East to West

The year was 1960, and tearing through the farmland on his motorcycle was my grandfather Helmut Krenz, age 20. A few hours later, he would be jailed in a cold East German prison cell, imprisoned because he tried to escape his authoritarian government.


In a fit of extreme agitation the night before our first class, I haphazardly threw together another three lesson plans. Anxiety meant that sleep was improbable and creating increasingly incoherent worksheets honestly seemed like the best option.