In an increasingly multicultural and polarized world, are identity politics and democracy compatible?

Adam Brodnax

Each year, Michigan in Color invites graduating editors to write about their experience and advice for the incoming cohort. In honor of MiC’s fourth birthday, we extended the opportunity to all former editors to reflect on their time at MiC.

Michigan in Color

Established four years ago as just a standalone column, the editors of Michigan in Color reflect on their founding.

The founders of MiC, Rima Fadlallah, Jerusaliem Geb, and Kayla Upadhyaya.

For Michigan in Color’s fourth anniversary, we sat down with two of our three co-founders — Kayla Upadhyaya and Rima Fadlallah — to discuss their lives after graduation, the challenges they faced and their hopes for the future of the section.


Now that millennials are killing chain restaurants, a successful business is all about avoiding uniformity, and with that has come a wave of ethnic cuisines mutilated by whitewashed fusion food.

Inside of SPARK.

This week, the lead brought our photographers to SPARK and Clinc, a local AI startup. Here is a look inside both of the technology offices.

Tech takes a seat in Ann Arbor

In October 2017, Duo Security — an Ann Arbor-based startup — made national headlines when it secured a $70 million round of funding that brought it to be valued at over $1 billion dollars.

Roos Roast Coffee

If I have one hope for 2018 — besides finishing school, graduating, figuring out life and finding my bigger purpose in this world — it’s to drink better coffee than I did last year.


I got a text from my mom on a hot, busy afternoon in July. Of course, all of your July afternoons are hot and busy when you spend so much time taking care of 7-year-olds that you almost have no time to take care of yourself.  The text read, “Call Dad. It’s important.”


Why? Why would you betray me like this?

I trusted you. I gave you my everything, and you went and pulled this shitake mushrooms?