Meaghan Wheat

For LSA junior Meaghan Wheat, working with high school students was something she has wanted to do since she was in high school herself. So despite being a college student, Wheat spends a lot of time with high school students and teachers.

Lauren Schandevel

“Seeing inequality first hand and experiencing it, it brings your attention to these larger issues and it makes you sympathize with people who are going through different kinds of injustices,” Public Policy junior Lauren Schandevel said on her role as a student activist.

Jad Elharake

Jad Elharake has much to look forward to as a graduating LSA senior. He’s taking a gap year working at the University of Michigan Medical School, where he will look at health inequities through the Office for Health Equity and Inclusion.

Remi Murrey

In her own words, Remi Murrey isn’t supposed to be at the University of Michigan. Born and raised in Detroit, her passion and sociability have driven her toward a career in broadcast journalism.

Tariq Mekkaoui

The state of Michigan enacted a law requiring public high schools to give students CPR and automated external defibrillator, or A.E.D.

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Besides my mildly problematic addiction to coffee and maybe even more my addiction of actually going to coffee shops, I like writing this column because it forces me to think about place.


This year, Photo Staff is graduating four seniors: Zoey Holmstrom, Sam Mousigian, Ahad Bootwala and Ibrahim Ijaz. For this week's Visual Statement, each senior was asked to select one of their favorite photographs they have taken for The Daily. Below, read their goodbyes:

Finding their voice

In an ivy-covered building hidden in the depths of the medical campus, a big wooden table sits in the center of a small blue room.


Driving through the valley, we could see a storm looming in the distance, but all we could do was hope it wouldn’t be coming toward us. It’s incredibly difficult to predict where a storm is heading in the mountains, as one ridge will force it east and the next will push it south.


I’m trying to write this column at Blue Leprechaun, a bar and grill on South University Avenue. A$AP Ferg’s “Plain Jane” is playing over the speakers and Bayern Munich is currently beating Borussia Dortmund five goals to nil.