Save Our Schools

I remember practice lockdowns to be some of the most awkward experiences of my early schooling. The entire class huddled into the corner of a dark classroom so we would be prepared if anyone potentially dangerous entered the school.


I planned out everything I wanted to say and how much I wanted to reveal about myself in this personal statement the entire week prior to the moment I sat down to write. I would pretend to write it in my head during class, dictating telepathically to someone somewhere with a pad and paper.

With all the money tax-avoidance expert Stephen M. Ross donated, you would think they could furnish the space with something better than inconveniently shaped cheap plastic.

When not fawning over Reggie or tailgating before football games (both of

Rich Brian

My relatives like to joke that Asians and Asian-Americans shouldn’t do hip-hop because we haven’t faced the same tribulations as other races.

The Statement Comic Issue
Comics are not a genre, but a medium. Although The Michigan Daily is a text-heavy publication, comics offer an entirely unique range of expression and nuance that text alone cannot.

Imagine pouring your blood, sweat and tears into a lengthy, time-consuming research paper, only to receive a less-than-ideal score because of the mere fact that you mistakenly interchanged “there”, “their” and “they’re”.


The hundred of us spent just a few hours together, at an Irish pub in Spain, standing, jeering and celebrating the most American of traditions.


Nothing is simultaneously as embarrassing and relieving as letting the waterworks flow for the entire world to see.

Inside of Comet Coffee

Often overlooked for its economical seating and sophisticated nature, Comet Coffee is an Ann Arbor gem.

The Vietnamese Student Association presents their annual culture show, Đêm Việt Nam (A Night in Vietnam) which showcases Vietnamese culture through traditional and modern dances on January 27, 2018.

This year, the Vietnamese Student Association's annual culture show’s theme was Find Your Light: Đi Tìm Ánh Sáng, showcasing the journey of a young girl trying to find her truth about her Vietnamese culture.