I was recently tapping away at my keyboard keys writing an article I was not feeling passionate about. This was deeper than a few bad weeks of writing.


About 200 miles south of Ann Arbor, off exit 50 on I-275, and after a series of left and right turns, sits an old Tudor-style house.

Students put up signs protesting the administration's consideration of a speech by Richard Spencer during a sit-in at LSA Dean Martin's office on November 30, 2017.

“Shutting your eyes and acting like the problem is going to go away — it’s not going to go away. You have to actively oppose it. Intercept it. And that is how we solve problems.

Lydia's ranking of dogs.

Editor's Note: This column does not reflect the views of The Michigan Daily and recieved strong objections from multiple editors, who were probably offended on behalf of their dogs. 

If there is one thing I stand by in this world, it is this: Not all dogs are cute.

My family makes Tangyuan, glutinous rice flour balls stuffed with red bean paste, to celebrate the winter solstice.

This issue, The Statement looked at the Michigan Union Billiards Room, a 97-year-old tradition at the University. Over the holiday season, our photo staff documented traditions in their own life.


Over the course of last semester, I wrote five columns about empathy — this one you're reading now is my sixth and final one.


I found myself completely alone, lacking a soul to call my friend.

It sounds melodramatic, but that was my reality. I didn’t choose it, nor—in my view at the time—was there much of an opportunity to escape it. 

A Starbucks in Nagano, Japan.

Like every good story, mine comes with a cup of coffee — an Americano with no room, to be exact.

Hustled Out

The room is a labyrinth of ancient tables, antiques still in use. Above each one, fluorescent lights puncture maize and blue stained glass to reflect off the phenolic resin balls. Blue cue chalk stains the hands of the players and permeates the air to create a haze.