Taylor Fegan

In the carpeted oasis of floral-print armchairs, Shutterfly stock images of fruits and rickety wooden tables that inevitably cause your drink to spill at Espresso Royale (State Street location), a brick wall divides the center of the room.

Logan Vear

Even after organizing the Washtenaw County Climate Strike, Logan Vear is still apprehensive when people call her an “activist.” She demurs at the title, despite the relentless advocacy and organizing she has inspired thro

Ana Patchin

As LSA senior Ana Patchin packs up her belongings for graduation, she leaves the University of Michigan inspired to advocate for higher education accessibility.


People in Houghton, a town in the Upper Peninsula, only wake up at 4 a.m. to do one of three things: plow snow, watch the sunrise or catch one of the two daily flights from Houghton County Memorial Airport to Chicago O’Hare.


“Congratulations, you won!” have become words to fear in the age of robocalls.


I decided to go to the University of Michigan without ever having stepped foot on this campus. I had a really good feeling about it, and for some reason, my gut knew.


I have heard it all. About how there’s nothing in the world quite like walking to Michigan Stadium with your friends on game days — when jubilant music floods the streets and Ann Arbor is indisputably wide awake.


Gaining a solid foundation in grammar was one of the hallmarks of my 10 years attending Catholic school. Every year, from first grade to eighth grade, there was a class dedicated solely to grammar, a 45-minute block of time each day dedicated to learning the intricacies of the English language.


After classes were canceled in January this semester, I wondered just how extreme weather conditions must be in order for an extreme decision like this to be made by the University.


From bright, multicolored “rocks” strategically placed on the walls to puffs of white chalk lingering in the air to climbers dangling fifty feet in the air, there was no shortage of visually interesting things to photograph at Planet Rock in Ann Arbor.