I got a text from my mom on a hot, busy afternoon in July. Of course, all of your July afternoons are hot and busy when you spend so much time taking care of 7-year-olds that you almost have no time to take care of yourself.  The text read, “Call Dad. It’s important.”


Why? Why would you betray me like this?

I trusted you. I gave you my everything, and you went and pulled this shitake mushrooms? 

Nichols Arboretum

When we think about sustainability, we imagine the spaces we want to preserve. For over 100 years, Nichols Arboretum has been treasured by the campus community.

At the Campus Farm.

Even when I still ate meat, I loved Meatless Monday. Saying this is much like a middle school student who openly admits to enjoying school.

A protestor interrupts Charles Murray's talk at Palmer Commons on October 11, 2017.

If political correctness seems like something that stifles free speech, that means there are people abusing the word to their own advantage.


I quickly realized that I didn’t know what I was doing.

Andrew riding his bike in 1999.

We hadn’t made it to the first stop sign before my mom made me do something not fun.

“Stop! Go back and put your helmet on.”

Coach Jim Harbaugh

Perhaps we should take notes from other countries and obsess over the true football: soccer.

I got this patch while exploring Ireland and tracing my father’s family history. His mother immigrated to the U.S. when she was three years old.

Most people in this country can trace their family history back to another place. Here, photo staff shares artifacts and food that tell the story of their family’s heritage.


My grandfather on my mom’s side of the family has a lexicon of cliches — a signature catchphrase, if you will, for almost any situation. “Put an egg in your shoe and beat it” happens to be my favorite, but there’s also one that I’ve only recently gained an appreciation for: