This year, Photo Staff is graduating four seniors: Zoey Holmstrom, Sam Mousigian, Ahad Bootwala and Ibrahim Ijaz. For this week's Visual Statement, each senior was asked to select one of their favorite photographs they have taken for The Daily. Below, read their goodbyes:

Finding their voice

In an ivy-covered building hidden in the depths of the medical campus, a big wooden table sits in the center of a small blue room.


Driving through the valley, we could see a storm looming in the distance, but all we could do was hope it wouldn’t be coming toward us. It’s incredibly difficult to predict where a storm is heading in the mountains, as one ridge will force it east and the next will push it south.


I’m trying to write this column at Blue Leprechaun, a bar and grill on South University Avenue. A$AP Ferg’s “Plain Jane” is playing over the speakers and Bayern Munich is currently beating Borussia Dortmund five goals to nil.


The End — The Doors

“This is the end / My only friend, the end”

Students use the Haven Hall reflection room in Haven Hall.

What do reflection rooms mean to you?

The Machine: Inside the CSG race

I remember the outcome of each Central Student Government election during my time on the University of Michigan campus clearly.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) speaks about his accomplishments as governor and how that translates into good experience at the GOP Field Office in Livonia on Tuesday.

For those of you who sit back and watch as this country gets rocked by political turmoil and maybe feel a little guilty about that, this story’s for you.


Within the first month of joining my high school’s newspaper, I had made it on the wall. Or rather, my idea for the Bullseye — Opinion’s spread that discussed the hottest trends — had.

“Bill Clinton talked to a chair?” was what I had scribbled onto the brainstorming sheet.


My nani stands over the griddle, slight beads of perspiration forming over her brow from the heat of the stove. She leans in to smell the egg chutney, a classic south Indian dish, and wrinkles her nose. Adding chopped coriander to the concoction, she sniffs again.