The Statement Comic Issue
Comics are not a genre, but a medium. Although The Michigan Daily is a text-heavy publication, comics offer an entirely unique range of expression and nuance that text alone cannot.

Imagine pouring your blood, sweat and tears into a lengthy, time-consuming research paper, only to receive a less-than-ideal score because of the mere fact that you mistakenly interchanged “there”, “their” and “they’re”.


The hundred of us spent just a few hours together, at an Irish pub in Spain, standing, jeering and celebrating the most American of traditions.


Nothing is simultaneously as embarrassing and relieving as letting the waterworks flow for the entire world to see.

Inside of Comet Coffee

Often overlooked for its economical seating and sophisticated nature, Comet Coffee is an Ann Arbor gem.

The Vietnamese Student Association presents their annual culture show, Đêm Việt Nam (A Night in Vietnam) which showcases Vietnamese culture through traditional and modern dances on January 27, 2018.

This year, the Vietnamese Student Association's annual culture show’s theme was Find Your Light: Đi Tìm Ánh Sáng, showcasing the journey of a young girl trying to find her truth about her Vietnamese culture.


In an increasingly multicultural and polarized world, are identity politics and democracy compatible?

Adam Brodnax

Each year, Michigan in Color invites graduating editors to write about their experience and advice for the incoming cohort. In honor of MiC’s fourth birthday, we extended the opportunity to all former editors to reflect on their time at MiC.

Michigan in Color

Established four years ago as just a standalone column, the editors of Michigan in Color reflect on their founding.

The founders of MiC, Rima Fadlallah, Jerusaliem Geb, and Kayla Upadhyaya.

For Michigan in Color’s fourth anniversary, we sat down with two of our three co-founders — Kayla Upadhyaya and Rima Fadlallah — to discuss their lives after graduation, the challenges they faced and their hopes for the future of the section.