I woke up Sunday morning with faint images of a happy dream lingering in my brain. I couldn’t remember exactly what it was about, but I knew it had involved flying motorcycles. And being at peace. 

“Good morning, love,” Finn said. 


For me, reading someone else’s words, or formulating thoughts in my own mind, was never enough; I always had to write it down on paper. Writing my own stories made the simple descriptions come alive, placing me in a different world of my own choosing.


The century is young, but not naive. Ask any person you know, who inherited its turn, about its carnage. They might recall for you mass shootings and gun violence, or catalogues of assaulted women around the world who are forced to hide, or mounting xenophobia worldwide.


The mattress section of Art Van Furniture looks like an upscale prison — long rows of stripped beds, designated strips of plastic to place your feet, employees meandering through the aisles as guards.


Matt Harmon

LSA Senior

I’ve always been told I’m an extrovert. Funny how you can be told something but not believe it yourself.




Every year in early August, our mother would haul my siblings and me into our car in the stifling heat. The four of us would wait for hours in long lines at the international bridge, waiting to cross the border from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua into El Paso.

Students of the Year Website

Oftentimes, the strongest leaders on campus accomplish so much with little recognition, preferring humility over hubris. However, we here at The Statement believe in highlighting students creating change and making this university a better place.

Silan Fadlallah

“Equitable opportunities and equitable treatment for people, no matter their social identity,” LSA junior Silan Fadlallah said.

Sonny Khan

Nestled in a corner of Lab Café, Sikander “Sonny” Khan takes a swig of water in between interview questions. “I need paani,” he explained.