Cheyenne Travioli

Cheyenne Travioli is more than just a leader in the University of Michigan’s Native American community.


Do you love being interrupted? Do you revel in people underestimating you? Does it warm your heart to see loud, aggressive or gross behavior? Then you are going to love this thousands-years-old concept: toxic masculinity!

The angry commenter

Students of the Year

Activists. Innovators. Leaders. Community builders.

Akira Nishii

When I asked Akira Nishii, an LSA and Engineering junior, how it felt to be named a student of the year, he chuckled.

Meaghan Wheat

For LSA junior Meaghan Wheat, working with high school students was something she has wanted to do since she was in high school herself. So despite being a college student, Wheat spends a lot of time with high school students and teachers.

Lauren Schandevel

“Seeing inequality first hand and experiencing it, it brings your attention to these larger issues and it makes you sympathize with people who are going through different kinds of injustices,” Public Policy junior Lauren Schandevel said on her role as a student activist.

Jad Elharake

Jad Elharake has much to look forward to as a graduating LSA senior. He’s taking a gap year working at the University of Michigan Medical School, where he will look at health inequities through the Office for Health Equity and Inclusion.

Remi Murrey

In her own words, Remi Murrey isn’t supposed to be at the University of Michigan. Born and raised in Detroit, her passion and sociability have driven her toward a career in broadcast journalism.

Tariq Mekkaoui

The state of Michigan enacted a law requiring public high schools to give students CPR and automated external defibrillator, or A.E.D.

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