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Oftentimes, the strongest leaders on campus accomplish so much with little recognition, preferring humility over hubris. However, we here at The Statement believe in highlighting students creating change and making this university a better place.

Silan Fadlallah

“Equitable opportunities and equitable treatment for people, no matter their social identity,” LSA junior Silan Fadlallah said.

Sonny Khan

Nestled in a corner of Lab Café, Sikander “Sonny” Khan takes a swig of water in between interview questions. “I need paani,” he explained. 

Yvonne Navarrete

When Public Policy senior Yvonne Navarrete described her freshman year, she said, “I didn’t belong in any space.”

Somya Bhagwagar

When Somya Bhagwagar was little, her father gifted her a book anthologizing the most beautiful places to travel in the world.

Ayah Kutmah

Ahead of my interview with LSA junior Ayah Kutmah, she emailed me an advance warning.

“I really hate talking about myself and my achievements,” she wrote.

Kutmah’s modesty was evident through our entire conversation at the State Street Espresso Royale.

Jaren Kirkland

Whether it be in an empowerment organization for Black men on campus, or visiting disputed territories in the Middle East, the experiences and extracurricular involvement of Public Health senior Jaren Kirkland while at the University of Michigan have left an impact on people all across the globe.

Nour Eidy

Public Health junior Nourel-Hoda Eidy has left her mark at the University of Michigan, that’s for sure.

Jordan Stanton

When I ask Jordan Stanton, LSA and Business junior, what he wants his lasting legacy to be after his four years at the University of Michigan are over, he pauses for a bit. “Whoa.

Taylor Fegan

In the carpeted oasis of floral-print armchairs, Shutterfly stock images of fruits and rickety wooden tables that inevitably cause your drink to spill at Espresso Royale (State Street location), a brick wall divides the center of the room.