I love being a Jew. Though not very religious, a huge part of my identity is the fact that I’m Jewish, and I love that. I love the community, the songs, the traditions, the food, the learning, just about everything.

As a Jew who staunchly supports Israel’s right to exist, I will always have serious doubts about the intentions behind divesting from Israel.

In the early morning hours on Wednesday, the University of Michigan Central Student Government narrowly passed a resolution that asked the Board of Regents to create a committe

Over fall break, my roommates and I went to a nightclub in Toronto. It was a great night, but the one major downside was the men. Every few minutes, another man would ask one of us to dance.

The campus here in Ann Arbor typically has a great pulse on the looming issues across the United States. We all know the University of Michigan’s campus is quite often at the forefront of discussions about social equality, race relations and political controversies.

Imagine you are a social justice warrior in college. You believe that Bernie Sanders’s ideas are novel. You are passionate about raising the minimum wage. You believe women have a right to free and safe abortions. You think college tuition ought to be free for all Americans. 

As of 2017, eight states and the District of Columbia have legalized the recreational use of cannabis.

I remember very clearly my first experience with divestment at the University of Michigan. I was 6,000 miles away and it was the spring of 2014.

For too long, Palestinian students at the University of Michigan have had to pay tuition to a university that invests in oppression and violence against their own people.

When I was about five years old, I found a picture book in the children’s section of my neighborhood library with an illustration of a mass of KKK members in white sheets, riding horses down a hill.