One of the first things you learn in film school is editor Walter Murch’s theory on the “ideal cut.” When deciding exactly where to make a cut, he says emotion, or the feeling in th

In March, I moved to the United States and started my new position as a researcher at the University of Michigan. I accepted this offer when I still had the certain belief that Hillary Clinton would be elected president. Yet, I believed wrong — like so many others.

When discussing my enrollment here at the University of Michigan with anyone other than a fellow student, I am always asked the classic question “What are you studying?” and I always hesitate before I say, with a cringe, “I’m undeclared.” I quickly follow up with a rushed answer of what I am plan

I hated Hebrew school. The monotonous repetition of prayer and cultural history always went in one ear and out the other — I found more joy in the laughter of my classmates after I was sent to the principal’s office for intentionally frustrating my teachers.

President Donald Trump’s first month in office came to an end recently, and the world of environmental policy is still reeling from the dramatic and counterproductive changes Trump’s administration has made.

Over the last week, public criticism (via the news and social media) has been aimed at Students4Justice, an organization that has been fighting for racial justice on campus since September 2016.

As we mentioned in our monthly speech Feb.

When I, a young woman, enrolled in Women’s Studies 220: Perspectives in Women’s Health in the winter semester of my freshman year, I thought I had women’s health figured out. I was curious about my own body. I searched anything I didn’t know and knew how to find the truth about the subject.

My heart sank as the unthinkable happened.

Student health and safety is, without a doubt, one of the most pressing issues for students across the country.