It’s done! The dreaded University of Michigan Central Student Government election season is over and we have a winner: eMerge! Congratulations; I know you all worked very hard and wanted this more than anything you’ve wanted thus far in your campus careers.

Students are, bar none, the most important resource at the University of Michigan. We are not simply students at the University; we are the University.

For many, today’s America is the pinnacle of the continuous development of humanity toward ever-greater freedom.


“You can’t put sleep on a resume.”

I have to say, this year had real potential to be different. The ridiculous genesis of meaningless, self-important parties with shelf lives of about three minutes spit out, entirely by accident it seems, two interesting options.

In February 2012, I was sitting on my couch, wearing my UConn basketball jersey and watching my team take on Villanova. The game was in overtime with UConn up by two points when Villanova drove down the court and tied it up with six seconds left.

The three of us have come together because we see that the University of Michigan needs student voices to speak up at this critical moment before Central Student Government elections.

During my past four years on campus, as a former editor for this publication and as a student interested in campus policy, I’ve paid a lot of attention to Central Student Government elections.

"None of us were prepared for this." These are the words I spoke while on the phone with a reporter from the Wall Street Journal after the surprise victory of our now-president.

Recently, a student-written article titled “My Child Will Not Be Allowed to Be Transgender” has been popping up on my social media.