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These days, it seems everybody has something to say. People of all political affiliations are bound to feel wound up and passionate about recent events.

This Wednesday, the University of Michigan College Republicans and American Enterprise Institute are sponsoring Charles Murray, a white supremacist, to speak on campus and promote his new book.

One day, I may forget my name. I will wake up in a stranger’s house and see a person I’ve never met before in the mirror. Her eyes will stare blankly back at me, face muscles sagging with fatigue and confusion. One day, I will forget how to hug someone.

Recently, U.S.

It’s ironic when you think about it: White, cisgender men have ridiculed marginalized groups for needing safe spaces and called us snowflakes, yet they are now demanding a safe space of th

Suicide. A word that is uncomfortable for many to say because of the associated stigma, so it is exchanged for other words, or not said at all. 

I knew long before this weekend how I felt about kneeling during the national anthem. Whether I like it or not, it’s a right and a privilege of living in this nation to protest peacefully.

Safe spaces have inspired passionate debate in higher education: They’re either necessary to help students deal with microaggressions and trigger warnings, or they criticize a university for

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” was not a particularly important nor life-altering must-see movie of the summer. But when I left the theater, something was off.