Legislative action must be taken to allow for cities to implement mandatory inclusionary zoning and rent control, but this requires a concerted effort to show Lansing that people are in support of the change.

By taking away choice, you are viewing the right to abortion as merely a political issue, when in reality it is much more than that: It is a deeply personal one.

We do not need to disrupt the whole system to fix climate change.

What I don’t know is everywhere, and if I observe long enough, I now know I can begin to find out.

The weight of my Catholic education

My back might still be a little sore from carrying this heavy Catholic guilt, but it’s nothing a deep tissue massage and years of therapy can’t fix.

By creating an environment in which students challenge each other to develop best possible policy solutions, the Ford School can more effectively produce leaders who know how to work through the gridlock that plagues government today.

This Thursday, Nov. 12 at 8 p.m. in the Anderson Room of the Michigan Union, Students for Choice will be holding its third annual Abortion Speak Out. The Abortion Speak Out is an opportunity for members of our campus community who have had an abortion(s) to share their experience in a safe, supportive and judgment-free space.

Meatless Mondays are an opportunity for us all to lead by example rather than an opportunity to complain and ignore an inconvenient truth.

The longer Rosser’s family has to wait for justice, the longer we wait for changes to the local justice system, the more we will demand. That is how protest movements work.

If I, as a Jew, felt a disconnect between the history of the camps and the way that history is memorialized, I could only wonder what impression the camps make on someone who has no connections to the atrocity of the Holocaust.