We request that President Schlissel and the Board of Regents hold a public meeting to continue discussions on this critical issue in an open manner.

C.C. Little

Daily Editorial Board members Ben Keller, Payton Luokkala and Melissa Scholke give their takes on the situation at Princeton and discuss whether the University should also examine the names on its buildings.

Long-term grade inflation by institution

We should work together to find better ways to assess teaching and better ways to share information about courses, and, perhaps most importantly, to create an atmosphere in which we treat each other with thought, care and respect.

It is time our community takes a stance in solidarity to pressure our world leaders and our public institutions to stop their negative practices. Students and members of the community have an amazing opportunity to fight for a more sustainable future, and as members of this society and residents of this planet, it is our responsibility to do so.

While photos from Sept. 11 are full of death and despair, photos from Sept. 12 tell a vastly different and more uplifting story.

Ever since the introduction of social media, everything is very short-lived. The memes we see on Facebook, the hilarious videos on YouTube and all the Internet goodies don’t stay with us for longer than a week; at least in my case. So naturally, people already forgot about this Internet sensation.

While this model certainly can’t work in every educational circumstance, it is worth it for professors to think about adjusting the very model of their classrooms if they want their students to think the way the real world thinks.

In the Mexican community, Dec. 12 represents a day of gathering and hope, a moment of union and faith.

We still have much to do to if, in the future, we hope to say we were not implicit in a human rights crisis of such massive and horrific proportions.

Some days I feel as though I am not only pursuing higher education for myself, but for my family as well.