Even if this is a one-time thing, even if officer Liang is being used as a scapegoat, calling his punishment an injustice is disingenuous.

“Who is Hillary Clinton?” I asked myself as I walked into her Detroit rally Monday night. Like many other Americans, Clinton is not my dream presidential candidate.

I believe there is such a thing as being too informed — something I only fully realized recently.

To them, having a Black male educator meant having a teacher who knew what it was like to be them.

Anyone who kills another person, criminal or cop, should face justice. The problem is this shooting is another example of racial discrimination against people of color by the justice system.

As he entered the polished warehouse to raucous applause, Sen. Marco Rubio (R–Fla.) stepped up to the stage flanked by signs that read: “End the debt.” If only it was that simple.

The University of Michigan is a community full of diverse ideas — of brilliant, compassionate and kind students. Most importantly, the University would not be the place it is without you. Student input and advocacy make this place the amazing university it is.

I’m not sure who I will cast my ballot for in November, let alone in the Michigan primary. I have a Bernie sticker on my laptop and a Hillary magnet on my fridge. I am constantly learning more about each candidate, while also balancing my pragmatic feelings from a tactical strategic perspective.

Martin O’Malley 2020.

I press my hands against the car window, watching the fog appear and recede along the outlines of my fingers.

I’m thinking — overthinking — as I often do. My dad glances at me.

“A penny for your thoughts?”