We believe appropriate access to relevant information is essential to the principles of beneficence, justice and transparency that have always guided our University community.

Don’t be content to take “Orange is the New Black” at face value: The plotlines on the show may be fictional, but the pain felt by the characters as a result of their incarceration is far from make-believe.

From rockstar recovery advocates to atypical college students — whether we’re singing songs on stages or speaking out on campus — we’re just warming up our vocal chords and would love to add your voice to our choir.

We should be leading in the process of the renewal of public higher education. Increasing pay transparency is a small gesture, but small gestures can send powerful signals.

We will stand up to the University and won’t back down until they commit to divest and join the hundreds of other institutions and universities that are on the path to divestment.

We should promote a culture where all students are heard and encouraged to become America’s future leaders.

It’s our responsibility to at least try and help these migrants achieve the same freedoms and happiness as we enjoy, for they’re in dire need of a helping hand.

Resilient. Strong. Smart. Those are the words that describe my kids, my family and my community. It’s time for their country to know it. It’s time for their voices to be heard.

It is imperative for us to critically examine individuals who are held up as examples worthy of emulation yet fail to represent the values of our institution and the ideals that are central to the practice of medicine.

Let’s not forget that continuous, uninterrupted sobriety — even in college — is possible when the support is there both tangibly and through social and political empowerment.