To the University of Michigan Community:

In perhaps one of the most memorable lines from the comical first presidential debate, candidate Hillary Clinton captured all of the qualms I have with Donald Trump: “Well, Donald, I know you live in your own reality, but that is not the facts.”

Monday morning was met with racist flyers spread around campus endorsing principles of white supremacy and blatant hateful sentiment.

As students from the College of Engineering, we would like to express our solidarity with our fellow African-American engineers and other engineers of color during this time of hate on Central Campus, which affects our community on North Campus as well.

Bear with me for this metaphor.


We’re all familiar with the perceived dichotomy between humanities majors and majors that are a little more “career-oriented.” Humanities majors are either criticized or lauded for being heady, wandering souls unworried about what kind of internship they’re offered over the summer or how much the

Though Dr. Denis Mukwege was here at the University of Michigan just yesterday, he won’t be staying long.

Forced arbitration: It’s a tactic used by corporations to avoid being held accountable in a court of law for detrimental, and possibly illegal, activities against consumers.

Over the past year or so, and especially recently with the University of Chicago dean of students’ letter, trigger warnings and safe spaces have becom

Over the summer, the Michigan House of Representatives approved a bill that would allow Michigan high school students to take computer science courses in lieu of foreign language cou