Doctor. Surgeon. Genius. Einstein. These are the labels by which my family defines me.

The beginning of a new semester here at the University of Michigan provides a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the amazing educational environment we share, surrounded by outstanding faculty members, expert staff and extraordinarily talented students.

One Trump adviser called for Clinton to be killed by a “firing squad,” C-list speakers angrily screamed at the American peopl

At the Republican National Convention last week, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani criticized Hillary Clinton for being “in favor of eve

Bernie Sanders ran his campaign with the issue of income inequality at its forefront, bringing to attention an issue that many Americans had previously known little about, including myself.

Dear Constituents,

In the wake of the tragedy that occurred at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando over the weekend, many of the 53 injured are in need of blood from local ho

Like we do after every other tragedy, every other mass shooting (this past Saturday’s being the 176th mass shooting this year alone, and the most fatal in American history save the mass slaughters of Native Americans), we will first mourn.

My throat was as dry as my feet were sore. I wedged my way upstairs through sweaty dancing bodies and walked into the room of a guy I considered a friend. I was just going to grab water and that’s when he grabbed me.

Running for Central Student Government president and vice president this year was an incredibly challenging yet meaningful experience.