Islamophobia is a huge problem in the West in this day and age. An argument often cited against Islam is that it calls for the oppression of women, but this is simply untrue.

Last week, The Michigan Daily’s Editorial Board endorsed a controversial City Council ballot initiative to extend council members’ terms from two years to four years.

He wore a white dishdasha and kufi, a flat AK-47 prop hung across his shoulder, a black “ISIS” flag in his hand, and “THEOCRACY” taped to his belly: He was ISIS Man.

Look at the person sitting next to you. Who are they? You question yourself: Are they different from you because of some physicality, some accent, or maybe they are just like you — human. That person might not be treated with the same respect and freedom as you.

This election must culminate in a vote for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Yes, her opponent is racist, sexist, misogynistic and xenophobic, but Clinton is a candidate we need to be excited about.

Amid the chorus of tightening polls in Michigan, President Barack Obama will make his fourth visit to Ann Arbor as president on Monday to campaign for Hillary Clinton.

There will be a single city ballot proposal on the Nov. 8 ballot. It should be defeated.

Racist, misogynistic, idiotic, corrupt, conniving, demonic. These are just a sampling of the colorful adjectives I’ve heard used to describe the major party nominees for president of one of the oldest and most powerful democracies on the planet. 

Take chances. Take the job other people don’t want and make a success out of it. Get your hands dirty. Listen to those who can mentor you and save you from repeating mistakes made by others.

Numerous buildings on campus honor presidents who created this university, including Henry Tappan, James Angell, Harlan Hatcher, Harold Shapiro and James Duderstadt. Others commemorate donors including William Cook, Horace Rackham, Stephen Ross and Alfred Taubman.