Like so many others, I woke up several days after the election hoping I was still only trapped in a horrible nightmare.

Dear Vice President Harper,

Around this time a year ago, the Daily, as well as many other publications throughout the country, covered the University of Michigan Central Student Government’s first-ever Ethics Committee inv

As I watched the election results last Tuesday night, I was disappointed but not surprised. In this election, Democrats and Republicans had one thing in common: They were mostly talking about Donald Trump — one of many reasons the election ended the way it did. There is much blame to go around.

A letter to the Michigan community,

Yesterday was the anniversary of the attacks in Paris at the Bataclan concert venue and other locations throughout the city.

As my friends and I watched the numbers on FiveThirtyEight and CNN’s coverage tick toward a Donald Trump victory, we tried to hold back our tears.

Yesterday our country got the first glimpse of a Trump presidency. He spoke about infrastructure spending, a conservative court and the need to come together as a nation.

Dear Secretary Clinton,

“How did this happen?”