Dear President Schlissel, 

Over the past 20 years or so, it seemed like a new world order was emerging. Globalization took hold and we caught a glimpse of nation-states disappearing and cultures intermingling. We seemingly saw ideological conflicts fade away and an increase of communications and free commerce.

Mike Mansfield, who was the longest-serving Senate Majority Leader in the history of the United States, once referred to the Senate as “the world's greatest deliberative body.” Our Senate is meant to

Imagine sitting in lecture. Your professor is doing his job, going through the slides as usual, when a student decides to stand up, point at the professor, and yell: “You suck, bitch! And your mother thinks you suck!

I have observed the price of a candy bar in the vending machines on the University of Michigan’s campus rise 40 percent since 2006. A Coke, 60 percent. The cost of an employee membership at the Recreational Sports facilities, 100 percent.

After months of dread, you’d think we’d be prepared. Many of us played games in our head as we anticipated the coming Trump administration. What would he do? How would he do it? We worried about authoritarian and fascist tendencies. But how far could he really push it? Isn’t this America?

The College of LSA language requirement asserts that, “informed respect for other cultures (and) tolerance … are the hallmarks of a liberal arts education, and the study of foreign lang

Last Saturday, I joined more than 8,000 people in front of the Michigan Capitol for the Women’s March on Lansing.

I’m an engineer. You know, one of those elitist hermits who resides on North Campus and only occasionally takes the Bursley-Baits bus down to chastise those unfortunate non-engineers on Central Campus? Yep. Even worse, I’m an electrical engineer. You know … from the EECS department?

Do you remember how, for many Americans, Nov.