Every year, students leave their homes to attend college with the hope of achieving their personal and academic goals.

Your next hurdle should not be the end of the race. Of course, the completion of that midterm you’ve been agonizing over for weeks feels incredible.

For the past three and a half years, I’ve fought fiercely against being titled a “Michigan Engineer.” I rejected this title because to me it seemed like the Michigan Engineer represented so many of my negative experiences amid engineering culture: having to prove to my male teammates that I’m jus

The work required to make the University of Michigan campus a more diverse, more equitable and more inclusive community of scholars requires a long-term commitment.

President Donald Trump’s second month in environmental policy has continued down a dangerous path. Policies that prioritized clean energy, environmental health and sustainable business practices during former President Barack Obama’s administration are being dismantled step by step.

There is nothing like a fall afternoon at the Big House. A football game, a great band, discerning fans and lots of excitement.

For the past seven years, a specter has been haunting my classes. 

In November, I was one of over 1,100 seniors who signed a petition expressing disappointment with the spring 2017 commencement plans.

It’s done! The dreaded University of Michigan Central Student Government election season is over and we have a winner: eMerge! Congratulations; I know you all worked very hard and wanted this more than anything you’ve wanted thus far in your campus careers.

Students are, bar none, the most important resource at the University of Michigan. We are not simply students at the University; we are the University.