I knew long before this weekend how I felt about kneeling during the national anthem. Whether I like it or not, it’s a right and a privilege of living in this nation to protest peacefully.

Safe spaces have inspired passionate debate in higher education: They’re either necessary to help students deal with microaggressions and trigger warnings, or they criticize a university for

“Spider-Man: Homecoming” was not a particularly important nor life-altering must-see movie of the summer. But when I left the theater, something was off.

We hear it in our classrooms, friend groups and on social media: Stay woke. It’s a call to progressive action and beliefs.

In light of recent events, we offer these brief words, straight from our hearts:


1. We are glad you're here, studying with us.


Some of this year’s biggest political issues have not been the big, drawn-out battles that take place in Lansing or Washington, D.C.

This academic year, we have already witnessed two record-breaking hurricanes, a massive fire in California and devastating floods in South Asia. “Climate change” is the word on everyone’s lips.

I am fortunate enough to surround myself with people who are generally politically motivated, left-leaning individuals. I live in a co-op filled with murals praising liberal and socialist views.

I identify as a man who loves men; however, I’ve recently been hesitant to adopt the identity of “gay.” If you think about the average gay man, what archetype pops up? For me, it’s an attractive jock wearing revealing underwear, maybe posing with other equally attractive jock friends.