Over the last few months, the events that led to the Flint water crisis have come to light. The need for legislation to deal with its aftermath and to prevent similar disasters from becoming commonplace nationwide is urgent. On Feb.

In recent months, Snyder’s emergency managers have essentially acted with impunity while the populations they governed suffered.

The University must be diligent in finding an applicant who’s committed not only to maintaining Hackett’s success, but also to increasing diversity and promoting inclusion in the Athletic Department.

Eliminating this disclosure requirement exemplifies good policy on behalf of the Obama administration — the kind that produces positive change.

Ensuring their freedom of speech through law is the only practical option to keep the college press free.

It’s necessary for the government to promote renewable energies through mandates to allow them to develop into more cost-efficient and practical technologies. Failing to do could allow these technologies to fall into disuse, doing a great disservice to the environment and the humans who inhabit it.