In an ideal world, the sexual misconduct policy would always reprimand sexual misconduct where it is due. But statistics in this report clearly show this is not the case — especially regarding instances of sexual assault.

It is no secret that Gov. Rick Snyder (R) is not a fan of democracy.

Schlissel must reconsider his statement and request that the University’s Board of Regents form a committe dedicated to investigating the University's investments in fossil fuel companies — which is what the Divest and Invest campaign is currently advocating for.

In an editorial last month titled “Release course evaluation data,” the Editorial Board stated that “course evaluations were created as a method of improving professor performance rather than a tool for scheduling classes.” This statement is incorrect.

The Ann Arbor City Council voted unanimously on Nov. 16 to designate the second Monday of October as Indigenous Peoples Day.

Gov. Rick Snyder's response is unacceptable, as it's based in reactionary fear, not fact or reason, and vilifies Syrian refugees who are more directly affected by the violence than most Americans.

Targeting bystander intervention programs toward specific populations, such as bar employees, is a necessary step toward decreasing the likelihood of sexual assault in the state, in the Ann Arbor community and at the University.

The entire campus community must listen to and sympathize with the very real and urgent struggles that all students of color face in 2015.

No help for the highways

Gov. Rick Snyder should consider vetoing the proposed bill in the hope of passing a more specific road infrastructure plan.

President Barack Obama's Testing Action Plan calls for a reduction in time students spend taking standardized tests.

Streamlined testing will produce useful data and allow for teachers to do what’s more important — focus on teaching content in the classroom.