Michigan’s legislature should immediately work toward reforms to control invasive species, soil erosion, habitat damage and chemical input that pose an even greater risk to the Great Lakes.

The University should have taken better efforts to ensure all students have the opportunity to understand the revised sexual misconduct policy.

A necessary expansion

Last week’s launch of a hotline, which is meant to provide psychological services to students during hours when the CAPS office is closed, is especially commendable for its recognition that students need mental health support at all times — not just 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays.

Michigan legislators need to adopt legislation that will support both mothers and fathers taking time off to care for their children.

Students should understand the risks of participating, but the recent decision by the Office of Greek Life and the IFC to effectively attempt to end the event is an overreach into private student affairs.

Michigan legislators have finally laid a foundation to fix the dire state of sex education in Michigan with a bill that would teach sexual consent — its definition and application — in classrooms across the state.

The vote to defund Planned Parenthood is deplorable and we strongly encourage the House of Representatives to consider the facts and popular opinion.

While the College Scorecard should not be the only tool used to evaluate colleges, students should embrace the program as a new mode of evaluating schools and push colleges to be more transparent about affordability and life after graduation.

While the proposal has the potential to help curb binge drinking, the University needs to work toward other approaches that combat root issues associated with millennial party culture.