Last Friday, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on a controversial sexual assault case against the University of Michigan.


The University of Michigan has an Adderall problem. Some would even call it an epidemic. Despite the University’s increased campaign to recognize mental health on campus, it has failed to address how campus culture fosters the use of Adderall throughout the school.


In 2014, the University of Michigan reformed the Race and Ethnicity requirement after student activists pushed to include an intersectional approach to the classes offered under the requirement.


More than two weeks after Facebook’s massive data leak of user information to voting analytics firm Cambridge Analytica was first exposed, new revelations on the extent of the tech


The University of Michigan’s Lecturers’ Employee Organization is continuing to bargain with the University, as their current contract is set to expire on April 20.


The Parkland, Fla.

higher education bill, known as the PROSPER Act, has been passed through committee and is awaiting consideration by the House of Representatives.

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Over the past week, more than 160 brave women and girls stood in a courtroom in Lansing and valiantly faced their

Over the past few weeks, all eyes have been on Judge Rosemarie Aquilina’s courtroom as more than 160 survivors of sexual abuse by disgraced Dr.