I have a strange relationship with coffee.

Using overly simplistic personal rights arguments to posture against common-sense, popularly supported gun law reforms inhibits the government’s ability to protect its citizens with little payoff for gun rights.

People’s lives, on the whole, are better.

Opponents often discuss abortion in extreme rhetoric that advances beyond blind emotion, evoking false imagery that depicts the procedure as utterly horrific and murderous.

I am fluid as fuck. And god, that feels right to say.

The University must consider increasing efforts toward places for non-traditional students.

I wished I could hide behind the moon.

Walking in Ann Arbor is a privilege we all share, but it’s time that crosswalk safety improves in visible ways across the city.

Blood is red no matter the color of a person’s skin, and the spilling of it should hold equal weight.

Though at times University life is separating us from these family moments, in actuality, it only makes us value them even more.