If eighth-grade Annie could see me in the morning in front of my mirror, she’d probably shove me, tell me to knock it off and to quit being so vain.

Our capacity for improvement can make everyone in our world better off. Whether it’s reform, rehabilitation or introspection more broadly, our malleability allows for limitless possibilities.

Sports aren’t real; from the perspective of a fan, they’re nothing more than entertainment. Yet in every form, real or not, there’s something enthralling that has made sports the integral part of society it is.

I’m pretty sure the only thing that makes someone ladylike is having two X-chromosomes, and even that’s not always true. This burping, swearing, brutally honest person is a woman. A girl. A lady, dammit.

Ultimately, only you can make the decision, but when you’re that kind of sick, you’ll probably know.

The path I followed to form a social support system didn’t start out as advertised, but my experience is still valid and meaningful.

David’s ability to nail a Sanders impression, even more than Sanders can nail it himself, illuminates the nature of politics as a performance.

Navigating how to find your first house isn’t a simple task, and I should remember that the people I’m searching with are as clueless as I am.

To fully understand a book, a situation, an issue or even a person, you can’t rely solely upon your initial vantage point.

Dave has this absurd laugh — it sounds like a hyena getting shock therapy. When I first heard it, I pulled Theresa aside to ask if she knew her boyfriend was a serial killer. Michelle and I probably could have bullied it out of him, though.