I never want to get married or have children. Yes, I’m 20 years old and I know this already. When I smile and say I don’t think either are for me, I’m disregarded by most adults because, according to them, my two decades on this Earth are hardly enough to make that decision.

I didn’t spend my spring break in the most tropical locale, or one unfamiliar to me: I spent my spring break in Detroit.

When I was eight, I nearly drowned in my neighbor’s pool. It was one of the first weeks of the summer season, and my friend and I were sitting cross-legged on her sun deck, giggling in our matching heart-shaped sunglasses.

The last time I ate fast food was in November. I watched the employee at Wendy’s pour frozen, asymmetrically shaped chicken nuggets into the deep fryer and my stomach churned.

Robert Reich, former secretary of labor, perfectly summarized the 2016 Democratic primary when he argued, “(Hillary) is the most qualified candidate for president of the political system we now have.

On Saturday, 65 students, myself included, will grudgingly leave the warm confines of our beds, don running tights and various thermal layers and quickly pack a change of clothes before heading out into the cold. We’ll then meet, still slightly disoriented, at the Cube before 5 a.m.

Of all the concerning things in the world of politics, legislating math has to be one of the wildest things politicians could try to get away with.

Last fall, University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel and the Greek community gathered and President Schlissel excoriated the Greek community for devaluing the University’s acad

When I first joined Facebook in 2008, my posts would typically read something like, “Elliott Rains is going to school … again!!” Nobody ever commented on, liked or probably even read these updates.

As I ran in a pack with my best friends and track teammates on a bright and sunny Florida morning, I tried desperately to focus on the cadence of my footfalls and the overwhelming sense of calmness that usually washes over me as soon as I step out the door.