Saturday evening, I slid into the back seat of the third Uber I have ever been in. I was on my way to a near-Main Street bar with two friends, both from states with stricter seatbelt laws than Michigan.

For students of lower socioeconomic status, overexertion is an almost-certainty, and large amounts of money and the ability to even complete a degree are often at stake.

These actions aren’t flattering, and they make me feel everything from uncomfortable to threatened.

The idea was to have fun and maybe make a new friend. The initiative came from a new campus group called Argo UMich.

In a race that features intensely polarizing candidates, Bloomberg has the potential to capture the ideological middle.

Monday, Jan. 25, students crowded the seats in the Pendleton Room to listen to students share their experiences with Islamophobia.

The Center for Disease Control remains mute on how to achieve one of the primary roles of government: protecting its citizens.

As Spotify grows, it will collect more data and its product will get better. In a sense, quantity is quality.

I spent most of the Winter Break fighting with my mother about paint swatches. The argument began with the baby photos, though — and it might even go back to the corner Picasso.

After being checked through security twice, I was finally able to take my seat in the press section to see the Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson make remarks at the