Through all of the doubts, I have concluded only this: If we are doing something, somewhere along the way we must have already decided it to be worthwhile.

It wasn’t ghosts or death we were afraid of, but boredom, as most children are.

But first, take a selfie.

To be our most authentic selves, our public stances and private thoughts must conjoin at a comfortable level of dissonance. Self-interrogation can be draining, but it’s necessary for growth.

Simply put, if you work in a community or serve a community, you deserve the opportunity to live in that community.

It's impossible to be "behind"

It’s hard not to compare others’ success with your own, but as long as you’re forging your own academic/professional/WHATEVER path and giving it your all, you have nothing to worry about.

If we as a society truly want a cultural upheaval, we need to stop placing impediments in front of those who try to speak up and make changes.

In truth, the “secret to losing weight” is a knowledge that comes from self-experimentation.

Being busy became more manageable when I started pursuing things I actually enjoyed.


The whole point of Nia is to find joy in the movement, and honestly, that’s never hard to do.

I still watch horror movies, but how I choose to interpret them has changed since last Halloween.