With finals week and the threat of snow almost upon us, we have to remember to take care of ourselves above all else.

The questionable material I see posted every day is as prevalent as ever.

There is a mutual understanding, while we sweat through workouts like "Murph," that what we are doing is not for us.

You never really know what people care about, whether that’s stupid, little titles or looking good.

Reverse your decision to try to bar Middle Eastern refugees from resettling in Michigan.

On Nov. 13, Paris was hit by a series of terrorists attacks. By the night’s end, a barrage of shooting and suicide bombings left about 130 people dead and hundreds more injured.

The solution isn’t necessarily to outlaw daily fantasy sports, but simply to treat them as the sports gambling that they actually are and provide consumer safety regulations that are necessary for the industry.

The spirit of “ban the box” resides in the belief that, while people make mistakes, they also have the capacity to make amends and rise above them. The University’s policy of criminal background checks suggests otherwise.

The notion that, if I were to be attacked, I would know a few basic moves (besides screaming and running) to resist an attacker made me feel more confident in my body and my agency in the world.

The reality is that we must demand policies that recognize that this group is a top threat to our ability to live in a democracy.