I'm in Control

I was bulimic in high school. Before writing this, the only person I had ever told was my cousin Marissa. We were sharing secrets around a campfire, unhinged by one too many bottles of wine. Even under the influence of alcohol and emotions, I knew she would understand.

When one of your best friends is a guy, there are some conversations that arise over and over again. Our recurrent discussions often turned into a lighthearted, odd and almost subverted “battle of the sexes,” in which we’d debate about who had it “worse” — me or him.

“Your neighborhood actually looks kind of nice in the summer,” my friend remarked from the passenger’s seat as we turned from the service drive onto my street. It was a particularly sunny day in June, and all of the windows in my shabby 2003 Saturn L200 were lowered to usher in the warm breeze.

The Flint Water Crisis dramatically calls attention to the inherent dangers of Governor Rick Snyder’s emergency manager program. But, if you listen to Snyder, you might not realize that EMs even played a role in this crisis.

If you were to text me right now, my response would likely show up on your iPhone as a green bubble. To some people, that first text might be last one they ever send me because, as it turns out, many people aren’t fond of green bubbles.

It wasn’t until the second day of Math 115 my first semester here that I realized I was in way over my head.

Overrepresentation in the present leads to overrepresentation in history, and contributes to the prevalence of buildings and monuments dedicated to men.

If you were anywhere near the Michigan League over Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, you likely noticed hordes of high school students running around in suits. What was going on? Had the career fair come early? Was the University of Michigan promising admission to the best-dressed minors?

I used to place an imaginary asterisk around buying feminine products because it was such a foreign concept to me.

Months later we are still left with 10 less voices on CSG, and still no resolve in the aftermath of this and other incidents involving CSG.