Anamaria Cuza

A couple of weeks ago, a friend told me to apply for an internship at Palantir, a company that specializes in big data analytics. I scrolled through the job’s description, wrote a quick cover letter and left my application untouched for a couple of weeks.


Now that the midterm elections are over with and Democrats won the popular vote in the House by the largest margins since Watergate, it is s

Kendall Hecker

Every day, I walk out my front door and turn to lock it behind me. I cross the front porch, take the four steps to the sidewalk, and turn left up Benjamin Street as it curves into Mary Street.

Ali Safawi

In 2013, an undergraduate research project suggesting Oreos activated more of the brain’s pleasure cent

Dana Pierangeli

It’s the worst when it’s our friends. Because we couldn’t possibly have seen it coming, otherwise he wouldn’t be a friend. But then he tells us that the #MeToo movement is a witch hunt. He tells us that women have too much power. He tells us that he lives in fear.

David Hayse

James Madison wrote in the Federalist Papers, “Pure democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompa


The Ohio House of Representatives recently passed a piece of legislation about abortion that has been dubbed a “heartbeat bill” by a whopping 60 votes for and 35 votes against.


Climate change will have incredibly damaging effects if we don’t take action against it, and soon.


Any mention of universal social programs inevitably devolves into discussion of their exorbitant cost and the undesirability of making programs available to people who don’t need them.


When one refers to “free speech,” what exactly do they mean? When should speech be completely free, unfettered by restriction? When should certain types of speech be censored, restricted or prohibited altogether? What does a healthy exchange of ideas look like? How is it regulated?