My friends always complain that I know my teachers by first name. They scoff when I wave to my Spanish instructor in the hall. They complain about their own professors, nameless bodies who occupy a lecture hall for an hour and then disappear into space, their purpose fulfilled.

Robert Dalka

I work as a learning assistant for Physics 140, the introduction to mechanics course, and I often encounter students who feel that the subject is too difficult and uninviting.


I hope I speak for a lot of people somewhat left of center when I say that the Republican Party’s capability for hypocrisy can be amazing — we’ve spent years listening to Sen.

Yesterday, I found myself sitting at a café in downtown Ann Arbor engaged in a conversation about religion, gender roles and libertarianism.


Last week, in an unfortunate and thankfully brief sequence of events, I found myself in the emergency room of the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

When a former contestant on “The Apprentice” became a White House staff aide, it felt like the world was beginning to turn on its side (though, to be fair, the star of the show becoming president is probably the primary reason for why everything’s gone lopsided).

“Who here knows who their state representative is?” my professor asked on the first day of class.

Where were you when you found out Kylie Jenner had her baby?

 Last week, Nancy Pelosi set a record.