Ellery Rosenzweig

Hearing the news of the shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, I was numb. Another shooting at a place that is supposed to be safe and sacred.


And here we are.

Ethan Kessler

Last week’s mass shooting in Southern Ca




Those who share my concerns about the growing dominance of technology corporations know the major source of their influence comes from data.


College students love their themed parties — so when Halloweekend comes around, many pull out all the stops to dress in a multitude of dazzling costumes that will inevitably end up contributing to a never-ending stream of Halloween posts on Instagram.


If you have never been to or do not plan on visiting Northern Michigan during the summertime, then you have never lived, nor do you truly ever plan to.

Alanna Berger

When colleges first began to go co-ed about the time of the Civil War, higher education was still very much a man’s game.

Pat Perry’s finished mural on S. Ashley St.

“You’re supposed to make more of what you wish you saw — what’s missing from the visual art conversation in this moment,” Pat Perry, the artist of the new mural on the North side of Grizzly Peak on South Ashley Street, said in an interview with th

Abbie Berringer

A couple of months ago, I called my dad to complain. I don’t even remember what I was calling to complain about. Before jumping into my tirade, I asked how his day was going.