In the University of Michigan’s Angell Hall Auditorium A, the mirthless drone of a college student not much older than myself is discussing bystander intervention. Or at least, he’s describing it.

The Ten Commandments of Progressivism

Last week, the California Democrats convened in Sacramento to draft and vote on their statewide party platform in advance of the 2018 midterm elections.


I was hopeless about gun control. Until now.

Noah Harrison

Chaos once again returned to the White House this past week with the sudden resignation of Hope Hicks, White House communications director, in the wake of news that she


As I type this, I am currently sitting in a cafe on the streets of Bogotá, Colombia, about two blocks from the U.S. Embassy, waiting for an emergency passport so I can return home. The following is a true recounting of events that transpired over my 2018 Spring Break. 

Margot Libertini

On Feb. 14, much of the world celebrated Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday: holidays that honor love and peace.

Stephanie Trierweiler

The routine abuse of animals across several major industries is well documented, but the vast majority of people in the United States continue to use animals as commodities in various aspects of their life.


The 2018 Academy Awards, otherwise known as the Oscars, will be held on March 4.