Deplatforming Political Celebrities

Milo Yiannopoulos, the “alt-right” firebrand and provocateur, fell from grace far earlier than many of the political entertainers raised high by President Donald Trump's election.

More than just a teen romance

The summer of 2018 marks the revival of the romantic comedy, or rom-com — a genre once often overlooked as artistically lazy and trite.

Importance of Political Compromise

On Aug. 25, Arizona Sen. John McCain passed away due to complications from brain cancer.

Human being versus football fan

The Urban Meyer scandal of 2018 is exactly what our misogynistic, self-absorbed culture desperately needed.

They don't want our intelligence

“They don’t want our intelligence,” a classmate of mine confidently proclaimed to our 75-person Late American Political Thought class last spring. The statement was followed by many nods of agreement from the class.

Epitome of hometown hero

Aretha Franklin has lovingly been coined the Queen of Soul. Her decades of music have represented her roots through powerhouse hits and beautiful ballads, and her legacy as one of the greatest vocalists of all time is eternal.


The tide is finally turning for consumer data protection in the United States, and though internet users may have been aware that their activity was being tracked online, recent developments have shown just how much personal data the tech industry collects and shares about its users.

Krystal Hur

Crazy Rich Asians has been a smash hit this summer.

Noah Harrison



One byproduct of the modern, incessant news cycle is shared concern. As we become more inundated with content meant to alarm us and capture our attention, we become subject to a force that can steer us together, as a society, beyond panic and toward collective action.