Abbie Berringer

The other day, I was confronted with a shocking experience while working a greeter shift at the Mary Markley Residence Hall dining hall. It was the final day of new student move-in, and a mother and her son came to the front door of the dining hall.

Alexander Satola

There is something special about walking into a bookstore and exploring the collection. Though I don’t do it purposefully, if it is my first time there, I tend to follow a similar path through the store to get myself acquainted.

Noah Harrison

The White House was rocked last week following The New York Times’s publication of a critical Op-Ed from an anonymous senior official in President D


Debate over “fake news” and “alternative facts” is a force currently subverting our country’s ability to hold civil and practical discussion. As a kid, especially one who was always interested in politics, I liked to watch the news.


What comes to mind when you hear about Columbus, Ohio? Maybe you remember that it’s the state’s capital, or it’s Guy Fieri’s hometown, or it’s where the very first Wendy’s opened in 1969.

dividing socialist communities

“Never have I ever had sex with a member,” I said looking around the room at my fellow volunteers and the young members of Kibbutz Baram. I quickly noticed none of the members took a drink. “How is it possible that none of you have had sex with a member?”

fifty years

Halfway around the world, American warplanes deliver death and destruction to a country torn apart from years of brutal fratricide. Beyond our southern border, a despotic regime silences its critics with batons and bullets alike.

don't blame the border
algorithms of inequality

These past few months, The Michigan Daily readers have probably become a bit more mindful when using Facebook.

Patriotism of immigration

President Donald Trump’s position on immigration is blatantly unpatriotic. Through his comments and actions as a candidate and president, we know he is no fan of undocumented immigrants from Mexico and elsewhere.