At its basic level, the role of our American government is to serve as the voice of the people. They fundraise from the American people through taxation, and use those funds in the best interest of the country.

Over the past few years, I have seen my older brother, a mentor of mine, become increasingly involved in social justice and civil rights issues. Two weeks ago, he began his professional career as a paralegal, working on death penalty defense cases on behalf of the state.

My boyfriend asked me recently, “Is there a word like ‘bromance’ for girls?” And I said, “No, boys are the ones who aren’t allowed to just have friends.”

As my roommates finally began to settle on something to watch, I smiled. They had chosen one of my favorite movies of all time, Disney’s “Hercules, and I would be able to hear it all in the background as I made dinner — or so I thought.

In the wake of President Donald Trump calling Haiti, El Salvador and nations in Africa “shithole countries” when discussing immigration policy, people from these countries have been

By targeting women, minorities and other vulnerable populations through his twee

Feeling hatred is a given, rejecting it is a choice. It is not enough to disagree privately; we must vocally remind ourselves that every person has value, regardless of origin.

Prior to last week’s college football national championship game, President Donald Trump took the field for the national anthem.

I spent the majority of my Winter Break watching CNN while doing some reading. It felt like every few seconds, I was hit with a “breaking” story that made me turn my eyes toward the television.

As a high school student, when I began my college application process, I knew I was part of a larger group. So many people around me were first-generation college students, and we often struggled together. Upon my acceptance to the University of Michigan, that large group quickly evaporated.