The Supreme Court stands at an inflection point. Allegations of sexual assault have stalled Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the court, casting uncertainty over an appointment that only

Robert Kennedy leads a motorcade down Detroit’s Woodward Avenue as he campaigns for the 1968 election.

1968 was a relentlessly violent year in the modern American era. Fifty years ago, U.S.

Alanna Berger

On the campus of a Division I school, football game days are somewhat of a local holiday. It is impossible to walk outside without the instant assault of school colors and tailgating merriment.


Though it’s been more than 20 years since marijuana legalization became popular in the ballots, the


Sifting through the sales rack, I could hear her laughing closely behind me as she organized the clothing on hangers. When I asked for a dressing room, she looked at the yellow jumpsuit in my hand and gave me an awkward smile.


With the midterms approaching, Republicans have an important question to ask themselves: Am I ok with President Donald Trump becoming the next Ronald Reagan?

Losing my innocence, finding myself

The day I told my mom that I was gay, she cried. 

She wept not because of who I was, but because of what I was losing.


It’s been almost a year since the fateful Harvey Weinstein story broke, upending Hollywood and most of the world. It seems like every day people are coming forward with their own tales of sexual harassment.


Early last week, Prof. Cheney-Lippold of the American Culture Department at the University of Michigan sent an email to LSA junior Abigail Ingber letting Ingber know that, for political reasons, he did not feel comfortable writing her a letter of recommendation to study abroad in Israel.

Anamaria Cuza

There was something inherently cringeworthy in reading about 11-year-olds hacking into the database of Florida’s election website, not because the midterm elections are sudd