The water filter in the Chemistry Building was still broken today, leaving its attached drinking fountain completely unusable.

End the Rohingya genocide

The Rohingya might be the world’s most persecuted minority group. The Rohingya are a predominantly Muslim ethnic group in Myanmar. For decades, they’ve lacked citizenship or any legal protections.

You, me and my Tinder account

“Reed, I am having an emergency. We need to go upstairs to your room right now.”


In recent weeks, the nation has been gripped by the ugly controversy surrounding Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Dana Pierangeli

We just passed the 17-year anniversary of the war in Afghanistan. You know, the one most people forget we’re actually fighting because we’ve been there since most of us can remember.

Marisa Wright

If the past few weeks have taught us anything, except how misogyny is still swiftly flowing through the veins of America, it is that 2018 is not the year of the woman.

Bless this house

“Bless this house, for we are all together. Bless us all, we may not meet again.”

Erik Nesler

Early last week, nearly 150 companies launched a collective campaign to increase voter turnout in the upcoming midterm elections.

David Hayse

“States are where all the action in domestic policymaking is.” This is what I learned from Jenna Bednar, a University of Michigan political science professor and specialist on federalism, when I sat down with her this week.

No war in Venezuela

As is often the case with these things, the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly raised more questions than answers. The two weeks were jam-packed with the events therein, churning out headline after headline.