“Oh my gosh! That looks so complicated! You are so smart; I could never do that.” These are often the responses I get when my friends look at my computer while I’m doing my homework. But, the truth is, my homework really isn’t that complicated.

I’ve never been good at lasts. They’re hard to process in the moment, pulling me to either the most emotional end of the reaction spectrum or leaving me to stew in my own fabricated indifference. Balance clearly isn’t a strong suit of mine, either.

Today, many people say America is more divided than ever.

Taylor Swift’s latest album, “Reputation,” came out last month and was immediately met with passionate reactions.

Earlier this month, Syria announced its intention to sign the Paris climate accord, leaving the United States as the sole country in the world to jettison the historic deal.

The internet ruined my life. 

OK, maybe that was a bit of an overstatement. I’ll issue an amendment: The internet has changed my life for better and for worse.

This Thanksgiving, I was upgraded from my perennial seat teetering awkwardly in between the kids’ table and adults’ table; I was given permission to officially enter a more sophisticated environment. Eat your hearts out, younger siblings and cousins. 

Ah, Black Friday.

On Aug. 12, a Nazi sympathizer ran a car over protester Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, Va., crushing her to death.

Just a few weeks ago, when the IFC announced it would temporarily suspend all social events, I remember saying to myself, “That’s a stretch.” However, not f