You didn’t have to follow the Students4Justice sit-in or listen to LSA junior Evan Rosen, who ran for Central Student Government president with the Movement party, comple

Last week, I was walking to class when I scrolled past a picture of Hillary Clinton on Twitter. I suddenly remembered the period of hopefulness and confidence before the election that was so prevalent among my peers and on social media.

Rhetoric since the inauguration and, more specifically, since the start of the political 

Can you put a value on a human life? You probably don’t know the answer to that, and neither do I. Yet, our policies and our politics continue to reflect an unintentional answer to that question: Yes, we can.

If you didn’t catch the Movement party’s debut video, you need to watch it to make an informed vote in the Central Student Government elections.

International Women’s Day this year was arguably the most notable since the day’s founding. As many people take the time this month to reflect on the work women have done to improve society and their place in it, it is impossible to ignore how much is left for women to accomplish.

March Madness is about much more than 68 teams playing basketball to vie for a stupid trophy and bragging rights. It's one of the largest spectacles in which the power of sports reveals more than just athletic ability.  

Democracies need protections for political minorities; without them, society descends into mob rule. These protections are often formalized (e.g., the filibuster), but they’re also informally written into our legislatures’ codes of conduct. Compromise is essential to any functioning democracy.

Within the fortified liberal bastion that is Ann Arbor, there exists an environment uniquely designed for the progressive students who populate campus.

As we drove down Carpenter Street in the Binghampton neighborhood of Memphis, Tenn., schoolchildren in royal purple polos and khakis flooded the sidewalk as school let out for the day.