This weekend, the No. 5 Michigan rowing team took home the Big Ten title for the sixth time in program history. 

The Michigan rowing team's 1V4 boat claimed the Wolverines' only victory this weekend.

The closest race of the day was in the 2V8 category. While Michigan was solidly in second place for most of the race, the Buckeyes became a threat in the final 750 meters. Powering through the sprint, Ohio State ended the race in a photo finish with the Huskies coming in first. The Wolverines edged out the Buckeyes by 0.08 seconds to claim second.

The Michigan rowing team finished first in 11 of 14 races at the Big Ten Double Duo against Ohio State and Rutgers.

By the end of the day Saturday — facing the Buckeyes and Rutgers at the Big Ten Double Dual — the No. 5 Michigan rowing team had finished first in 11 of the 14 total races.


Michigan was so dominant, in fact, that none of its boats lost a race. The sixth-ranked Wolverines swept three ACC opponents — including two ranked teams — on Lake Monticello in Virginia. Michigan dispatched No. 10 Virginia during morning races and defeated No. 17 Syracuse along with Duke during the afternoon session of racing. The wins provided a promising start to the spring season.

The Michigan rowing team's 1V8 boat sprinted towards the end for a photo finish win.

The game plan for Michigan was to stay composed and stay true to itself, the first 1,500. Don’t let the other team’s boat affect you, and don’t let up. And if that holds up, see where the other boat is and respond accordingly. Only, when the Wolverines looked over to Yale’s line at the last 500 meters, they knew they needed more than just composure to win.

In the first spring race, the Michigan rowing team's 1V8 boat was able to overcome Yale.

BELLEVILLE — While the No. 9 Michigan rowing team had success this fall at regattas like Head of the Charles, in this weekend’s season opener against Yale and Harvard, the Wolverines faced a new beast entirely: the spring race.

In addition to being on the Michigan rowing team, Caroline Hendershot is also involved with WOLV TV.

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Michigan's novice rowing team has turned many formally unfamiliar with the sport into Division I athletes -- and much more.

The current junior walked onto the novice team — for athletes that hadn’t been recruited to row — at the beginning of her freshman year. Like most of the novice rowers, she was a competitive athlete in another sport in high school. Byrd knew she couldn’t play volleyball, her first love, at a school like Michigan, but she still had an “itch to compete” after graduation. She wasn’t ready to give up being a student athlete.

The Michigan rowing team gained pre-season experience racing Ohio State in an exhibition on Sunday and Tuesday.

In fall rowing, scores and rankings aren’t officially measured — that part doesn’t come until the spring. But despite a more casual setup, two weekend scrimmages at Ohio State provided more value for the Michigan rowing team than what shows up on a scorecard.

The Michigan rowing team met against Louisville to face off during Senior Day.

The process of attending a rowing meet is arduous but step by step, you love to learn it and all the unexpected adventures that follow.