Japandroids have toned down their in-your-face, fast tempo rock tracks while keeping their emotional intensity. They've found subtle ways to continue to make music that demands attention in their evolving style, one that isn’t overtly positive or loud, but always hints at hope.

There are a multitude of examples of revolutionary artists passing away very young. Such little time on Earth, yet what an impact they were able to make.


It’s impossible not to think of the refugees, only miles from this sheltered adolescent.


Supreme is one of the most popular brands in the world at the moment, and there are few brands with as much staying power as Louis Vuitton.

The xx arrived completely formed, fully mature and totally compelling.

The Ann Arbor Civic Theater will be performing “In the Next Room,” or “The Vibrator Play,” a Pulitzer Prize winning play written by Sarah Ruhl.


It’s been a minute since a New Yorker reigned as the hottest rapper. Without counting Jay-Z’s post-retirement victory laps, it’s probably been more than a decade. The Big Apple, the birthplace of hip-hop, was long-considered rap’s pinnacle city.

“Painting and performance are both integral to my practice, I mostly react to sounds, either noises I create or good music. I create as a way to process philosophy and to conduct research into ways of being,” said Williams.


Immediately after learning that ‘L’amour de loin’ was going to be performed, I set about trying to find a way to see i

Activist, cartoonist and journalist Joe Sacco, will be sharing his work today at the Michigan Theatre.