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We recognize beginnings borne of endings borne of beginnings, the memories esoteric only because the memories are slightly foggy.

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Here, at least, this writer can immortalize the songs and memory of Jade Bird as she requests –– in unworthy words that can only beg redemption by their bone-deep sincerity.


As I left the theater, I found that I had forgotten that this was a student production. Had I walked out onto Time’s Square in New York City, I would not have been particularly surprised.


A resurgence of Adidas and Nike sneakers brought the Air Force 1 back in 2014. This time, however, they were championed by white people.


“Seau,” a new “30 for 30” documentary from ESPN, follows the tragic undoing of the charismatic linebacker, whose suicide in 2012 ignited a long-overdue national conversation about the likelihood of football players to suffer chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease.

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Narrated by Hamilton’s mortal enemy, Aaron Burr, the musical does a nice job of splitting stage time between Burr and Hamilton; the audience sees the light and the darkness in both leading men. But I beg to ask the question — where are all the women?

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Daily Film explores iconic endings as the school year comes to a close.

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Henry is at once a shimmering, impossibly magnetic image of the mafia’s verve and a wide window into the harsh realities of organized crime; a brute and a sympath.

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Even as you leave, you’ll carry that with you, a small charm — an amazing grace — in your pocket.


“High Life” calls to mind “2001: A Space Odyssey” and perhaps a dystopian “Star Trek.” Rich with brilliant colors and mind-bending interstellar graphics, the film immerses the viewer in space. Puns unintended, “High Life” revolves around a black hole — an absent center representing absence itself.