Elise Godfryd

Overall, these shorts are great, and each one approaches its subject matter with considerable care.

Clara Scott

The first time I downloaded Tinder as a freshly-minted student here at the University, I was shocked to immediately find a peculiar species of male Ann Arborite running amok: the fish man.

Verity Sturm

I mentioned this briefly in person, but I’m very certain that much of the pause “Crudo” gives me is due to how personally attacked I felt while reading it.

"Cold Pursuit"

The first fifteen minutes of “Cold Pursuit” hit all the clichés we’d expect. Neeson steps out into the night, kills people, growls at people and kills people after growling at them.

Hasan Minhaj

Your life can be wildly frustrating, inexplicably hilarious and tremendously confusing at the same time. And Subtle Asian Traits is here for it all.

Sire Records

The day is nigh. Valentine’s day, Saint Valentine’s Day, the Feast of the Valentime, “Valentimes” Day, V-Day — regardless of its many iterations, February 14th is both interpersonally and commercially accepted as the day of love. Unfortunately, love, in the romanticized context of this holiday we’re addressing, seems to carry binary implications — you’re either in it, or you’re out of it.

Sadhana Ramaseshadri / Daily

As strange as this may sound, I’ve actually found there to be an inexplicable beauty in this hate-watching of the performance arts. There is something beautiful, after all, in the fragility of this artform; the elasticity of the boundary separating the best of art from the worst of art.


She was a deeply complicated person who carried with her a lot of talent and a lot of trauma, and her life bore the weight of both. And yet, despite every good attempt to sketch her many facets in full three dimension, Benedict’s novel ultimately flattens Lamarr.

Jorrel Javier

Magic, Greek mythology and your favorite childhood protagonist are all coming to a stage near you in the form of a brand new touring musical.

Alix Curnow

Audience members are encouraged to enter into this show not expecting to find answers, but rather new ideas and queries about life to ruminate upon.