Saturday night, Hill Auditorium filled with over 3,500 people for one of the University Musical Society’s last performances this season.


If one of the defining themes of “Girls” is that things don’t turn out the way we think they will, then the last 38 minutes of the show’s six-year run certainly embodied this concept.

Ben Wheatley, whose new film "Free Fire" opens in theaters Friday, April 21, talked to The Michigan Daily about the creation of such an intricate, fast-paced film.

Bad Advice Will gets a bit more emotional (and personal) in this week’s edition.

No Sell

“Logan” proved that the success of “Deadpool” wasn’t a fluke; rated R superhero movies that actually take themselves seriously can be both commercially and critically successful.

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With a music video on the way, Daily Music Editor Matt Gallatin and I sit down for an interview with the DJ trio.

It’s such a cunning and calculated sonic move — an affectation that sounds light and girly, but hides a cutting honesty just underneath its surface.


'Free Fire' is Tarantino violence at its most reserved and action movie cheesiness at its most palatable.


Music Matters’ annual Springfest concert has a reputation for bringing big names to campus. In 2012, the event’s first edition featured J. Cole at Hill Auditorium and in its more recent years, Migos and Common have performed as headliners. Yet, never before has the concert’s bill been hype enough to warrant a switching of its location.


Although scholars contest the dates, Pablo Picasso’s Blue Period is set between 1901 and 1904. Reeling from a close friend’s suicide, Pablo descended into a deep depression, blue tones soon coming to dominate his canvases.