Joni Mitchell

She is a puzzle and a master at the same time, an artist who has taught me more than even she could understand.


Extending voices with amplification works both ways — both intimacy and a kind of outsized violence are possible.

Frank Sinatra

Music suddenly became accessible for households across the nation.

Lily and her purse

“Today was a difficult day. Tomorrow will be better.”

The Air Max 720

“Drop” culture and its perpetrators have an ethical responsibility.

Sammy Sussman

Internet culture has inexorably changed structural expectations for the performing arts.

Thomas Laub

If the production world were filled with Thomas Laubs, who appreciated and thrived for diversity in both casting and production, the world would be a better and more appreciative place.

Pat Metheny

The University Musical Society (UMS) could not have picked a better artist to kick off their jazz series.

Ella Mai

By no means groundbreaking, Ella Mai provides a quick fix of nostalgia for the R&B sound many of us grew up to.

Sweet Charity

The energy that radiated off the stage came from the incredible ensemble members and supporting roles.