As 2017 turns to 2018, and the age of President Donald Trump continues into its second year, the emotional roller coaster that has taken place for progressive Americans has been nothing short of exhausting and difficult.

The average American consumer spends 24 hours per week listening to music.

“We have an opportunity to rebuild the financial system,” Galia Benartzi, technology entrepreneur at cryptocurrency protocol Bancor, said to Fortune in December.

“Get out there, get in the way, get in trouble, good trouble, necessary trouble and make some noise,” U.S. Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., said at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

When I arrived at the University of Michigan this past fall, the decision to rush felt preconceived.

The past couple months have been eventful for special counsel Robert Mueller.

Do you have a voice that needs to be shared? Do you find yourself theorizing about why events in the news happen the way they do? Are you passionate about politics, the environment, technology, business, campus life or culture?

For many students, a dorm room functions as home away from home, a personal space that is sacred, a place where they should always feel comfortable and safe to come back to. But this week, this space was violated.

As students, faculty and staff begin to return to campus to start the fall semester, we wanted to take this opportunity to address recent events that have been on many people’s minds.